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Chapter 1: Remembering the Divine

A millionaire! It is easier to change the vow. In childhood everyone has their dreams. Who knows what those dreams want him to be? But youth takes those dreams away. Then in youth there are other dreams - the dreams of love. Old age takes them away. A few dreams still remain in old age - of respectability, of honor - and death snatches even those away. In this world, your intoxications are continually snatched away. The person who doesn’t wait for the arrival of death to take them away is wise. A discerning person understands the future. There is no wisdom in understanding the past. Absolutely no wisdom is required to understand the past. One who sees what is going to happen in advance, who wakes up to it before its time comes, is wise.

Alas, there was a time
When I was intoxicated without drinking,
Alas, now I am not even drunk after drinking.

There was a time in your life when you could be drunk without wine - you were young and always intoxicated. Then there will come a time when you are never intoxicated, no matter how much you drink. Drop all intoxications before this time comes! And I am not asking you just to drop all intoxications, I am telling you that there is one intoxication after which you will never be sober again. That is the intoxication which comes from drinking the divine.

This is what Daya has said,.those who are in love with the divine. It is the intoxication which never allows you to be sober again. It is the unrestrained ecstasy which never leaves you. It is an eternal intoxication.

We will try to find the same unrestrained ecstasy in these small couplets of Daya. But keep in mind the first clue:

The world is like the last morning star.
Sahajo says: It is fast disappearing.
Like a pearl of dew,
Like water held in the hollow of your hands.

The first step lies in realizing that the world is futile, that it has no substance. Then we can take the second step towards finding the substantial, the meaningful. To recognize untruth as untruth is to take the first step towards the truth.

Enough for today.