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Chapter 7: The Secret of Awareness

The disciple could not understand what kind of initiation this last one was. But the order had to be followed. He went. He didn’t take any chance: three o’clock, early in the morning, he was waiting for the King.

As the sun was rising, the King entered. The young man bowed down to the King; the King said, “Have you come to ask for something? You can ask for anything. Whatsoever you ask, I will give it to you.”

A great desire possessed the young man. He was a poor man, had come from a very poor family, “And the King says whatsoever.?” To be certain, he asked again, “What do you mean by ‘whatsoever’?”

The King said, “Exactly that I mean - whatsoever. Even if you demand my kingdom I will give it to you. You can ask for as much money as you want..”

The poor young man could not think much. He thought, “Maybe ten thousand rupees will do.” But a desire came that “Why ten thousand? You may never get such a chance again - why not one hundred thousand?”

And then another desire, and desires upon desires.because mind constantly asks for more. So whatsoever he decided, the mind was still asking for more.

The King said, “It seems you are not yet ready to ask. I will go for my morning walk. Meanwhile you decide, and when I return, whatsoever you ask will be given to you.”

That half an hour was a torture. He went on and on, “I can ask for this and that, and a golden chariot, and so many millions of rupees, and so much land - I will create a small kingdom of my own.”

Desires and dreams.and the King came - that half hour had passed so fast. The King was standing there and he said, “Young man, have you not decided yet?”

And then suddenly the young man thought, “Whatsoever I ask will be less than the King has, so why not ask for all? Be finished with the figures!”

So he said, “Sir, if you are so willing to give, I ask for everything - all that you have. Your whole kingdom, all your riches, your palaces - everything. You simply get out of the palace! And you cannot go back in. You may take something. You simply get out - forget all about it. I can allow you only these clothes that you are wearing.”

Even that he did reluctantly; even that much he would have less.

The King fell on his knees, started praying to God, tears rolling down from his eyes - of great joy, ecstasy. And he was thanking God saying “I have been waiting for such a man. How long I waited. But finally you heard my prayer, and now he has come and I am free of all this nonsense. Thank you! You heard my prayer, although it has been so long and I had to wait so long, but still you heard it. I am grateful.”

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