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Chapter 7: Bliss plus Meditation

Ordinarily you are living in a kind of sleep; a metaphysical slumber surrounds you. And even if sometimes there are possibilities, opportunities for you to be awakened, you avoid it, because you have invested so much in your sleep. You are afraid of being awake. Deep down you know that if you become awake your dreams will be disturbed - and you may be having beautiful dreams, nice dreams, sweet dreams. And who wants to get disturbed when there are so many beautiful dreams surrounding you? And you don’t think that you are dreaming when you are dreaming; your dreams look real.

That is one of the strange things about dreams; they have such a deep impact on you. They hypnotize you so deeply: you have known many times that they are dreams when you wake up in the morning, but again every night you fall back into the same hypnosis.

This is the case with you for so many lives. You have lived the same kind of life again and again - the same desire, the same greed, the same ambition - and each time you were frustrated, but again you are ready to become a victim. It is exactly as with dreams.

This morning too when you woke up you remembered so many dreams from the night and you laughed; it looked so ridiculous. But let the night come again and you will dream again, and when you are dreaming, you will believe them. They are real deceivers! And when one believes that this is real, why should one want to be awake and disturb it? You resist awakening.

Even if you come across a buddha you will not look at him. You will look sideways; you will not look into his eyes. The fear. His energy may start pulsating in you. Hence, many times you have come across a Buddha, a Krishna, a Mahavira, a Christ, a Mohammed, but you have missed again and again on your own accord. You were afraid to encounter them - the encounter may prove too dangerous.

“Hello. This is long distance. I have a call for you from Palm Springs.”

“Hello, Herman, this is Rube. Listen, I am stranded here and I need five hundred dollars.”

“I can’t hear you. Something is wrong with the phone.”

“I want five hundred dollars!”

“I still can’t hear you.”

“I can hear it okay,” interrupted the operator.

“Then you give him the five hundred dollars!”

You listen only to that which fits with you; you avoid listening to that which can be a disturbance. You become deaf, you become dumb, you become blind. You have chosen a particular sleepy life and you have lived with that style for so long that it looks almost natural. The unnatural has become the natural and the natural has been completely forgotten.

To awake means to be natural again. To awake means to be awake in your consciousness, in your deepest core of the heart, to become aware.

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