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Chapter 33: Tommorrow Never Comes

You can go on enjoying longing for beautiful and great things. People become addicted to dreams - dreams are more addictive than any drugs. In fact, people become addicted to drugs because drugs give beautiful dreams. Dreams are the root cause of addiction, and these are also dreams. Just have courage, you are not a cripple. And it needs only a single moment to take the jump.

I have known and seen it with my own eyes, in Raipur, where I used to be a teacher in the university. A woman was lying down for ten years, she was paralyzed. All efforts to cure her had failed and the doctors had unanimously declared that there was no possibility of her ever being cured. She would remain paralyzed as long as she lived. She was a rich woman; she used to live just in front of my house.

One day her house caught fire. I rushed, the whole neighborhood gathered there - and the greatest surprise was not that the house was burning, the greatest surprise was seeing the paralyzed woman running out of the house. She had not moved from her bed for ten years. Nobody could believe it, this was a miracle. And somebody reminded her, “What are you doing, you are paralyzed!”

And the woman looked around and she said, “You are right,” and she immediately fell to the ground, paralyzed. What do you say about this paralysis? It was just in the mind, but not in the body. Because of the fire, when everybody was running out, she forgot for a moment that she was paralyzed. The moment she was reminded, the old mind came back: “My god, what have I done! I am paralyzed and I am running.”

All your crippledness is just your mind - which does not want to live, which is not really capable of living and goes on creating fears of all kinds.

There is an ancient Jaina story, I have loved it always. A prince had gone to listen to Mahavira, the Jaina prophet, with his wife. When they came home.it was traditional in the ancient India of those days, and particularly in the luxurious homes. The husband was taking a bath and the wife was pouring water over him, rose water, and they started talking about what they had heard Mahavira say. The wife said, “My brother is thinking to become a sannyasin of Mahavira.”

Her husband asked, “How long he has been thinking?”

The wife said, “How long? I think it must be at least five years.”

Then the husband laughed. He said, “He will think his whole life. This is not the way to become a sannyasin.” The wife felt hurt - something was said against her brother.

She said, “Do you think you can do better?” He was sitting naked taking a shower. He did not answer, he got up, opened the door and walked out. The wife said, “Where are you going naked?”

He said, “Mahavira’s sannyasins live naked. I am going to my master to be initiated.”

She said, “Are you kidding?”

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