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Chapter 12: Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard

Sun shower mirrored
in a globe of rain
hangs for one moment,
never seen again.

Sun shower mirrored in a globe of rain hangs for one moment - he is talking about the rainbow, not mentioning the name. Sun shower mirrored in a globe of rain hangs for one moment, never seen again.

Have you ever seen the same rainbow again? Such is our so-called mundane life: just rainbows, the same stuff dreams are made of. There is no need to abandon rainbows - enjoy. But know perfectly well that it is a momentary phenomenon.

I wonder that people like Gautam Buddha, Mahavira and others, have insisted that the quality of the outer world is just like rainbows, dreams, and still they renounce it! Only one thing can be right. Either they understand exactly that the world is just a dream.then there is no point in renouncing it. Do you renounce your dreams every morning? You know they were dreams; it is finished!

But on the one hand they say this whole world is just like dreams, and on the other hand they renounce it and go through all kinds of austerities in renouncing it. Certainly something is wrong. Either they don’t understand what they are saying, that the world is just like rainbows.. So what? Enjoy the rainbows!

You need not escape from the rainbows. They are beautiful for the moment - why long and desire that they should be permanent? What is wrong in their being momentary?

Just rejoice! When it rains, just dance in the rains.

When I was a postgraduate student in the university, there was a small street only for deans of faculties - arts, commerce, science - and renowned professors of different subjects. It was very silent, peaceful, with great trees, ancient trees. It had been a special section built for the British people, so the trees were very ancient, the bungalows beautiful. And the street ended, it did not go anywhere. After a mile of beautiful bungalows and high trees, there was suddenly a stop; you were facing a deep valley. The street was on top of a hill.

Whenever it used to rain, I used to go on that street, because there was no traffic. The last bungalow belonged to the dean of science, a certain Doctor Shrivastava; he was very friendly with me. We used to discuss about the possibility of there being some day a meeting between mysticism and physics - he was a professor of physics, and a world-renowned professor.

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