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Chapter 1: Death Is the Master

For ten minutes in the night, every day, exhale deeply through the mouth with the sound o.o.o.o; then close the mouth and let the body inhale through the nose. And then fall into sleep. The whole sleep will become deathlike, deep, silent. You may never have known such a deep sleep before. Dreams will disappear. Dreams belong to life, they don’t belong to death.

At other times also, during the day - while walking, while sitting, whenever you remember - exhale deeply. If you want, you can make the sound o.o.o at any time, and that will be helpful. If you feel any anger, if you feel any lust, any desire, any sex, anything in the mind which you want to exhale out, immediately exhale with the sound o.o.o and you will feel that it has gone out. It is no more there inside you.

In this camp, exhale more and more. And don’t inhale, let the body inhale. This is the first technique for tonight.

Tomorrow morning we will start our first meditation. In the morning I will explain it to you. We will meet in the morning.