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Chapter 5: The Discipline of Transcendence

The Buddha said:
When a man makes utensils out of a metal which has been thoroughly cleansed of dross, the utensils will be excellent. You monks, who wish to follow the way, make your own hearts clean from the dirt of evil passions, and your conduct will be unimpeachable.

Cleanse your heart from the dross of passion. And in fact, to do it, nothing much is needed. It is not really the case that you have become impure. You are simply disturbed, that’s all; that’s what impurity is. Whenever you are undisturbed, impurity disappears. Impurity is not something that has entered into your being. It is just on the surface, like waves. So if you want it to happen, it can happen right now. And don’t play with explanations. Don’t say, “How can it happen right now? I have many karmas to settle first.” All nonsense. Tricks of the mind to postpone. The mind says, “How can I do it right now? First I have to settle many, many lives’ karmas.” But do you know how many lives you have been here? Millions of lives. If you have really to settle those karmas, you will again take millions of lives to settle them. And after you have settled them millions of lives will have again passed - and in these lives again you would be doing many karmas. There is no way to avoid it. If you are alive you will do something or other. You will eat something, karma is created. You will breathe, karma is created. You will walk, karma is created. You will sleep, karma is created. Any action is karma. So this is a vicious circle. For millions of lives you have existed; now to settle those karmas again millions of lives will be needed. And even after that nothing will be settled - because in these millions of lives again you will be doing karmas. Then you cannot get out of this, out of this mess. Then there is no way out.

Buddha says: There is a way out. It is not a question of settling the past karmas, it is simply settling the present state of mind, that’s all.

It is just herenow. If you understand, the settlement can happen. You have never done anything; you have been simply dreaming. The action or the actor, the doer and the doing - all are dreams.

Buddha says: Your innermost core is simply empty. It has never done anything. It cannot do. It is a witness, by its very nature.

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