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Chapter 30: Just a Pure Silence with No Feeling of “I”

Ben Bochner, Cable TV Access Center, Eugene, Oregon

Ma Yoga Pratima

I dreamed I was here at the ranch a week ago, and I slept out on the desert that night, and I looked at the stars and they looked to me like the tips ends of roots, and the space was black soil. I knew that it was a story I had told myself. Do stories like these help us to understand ourselves, or are they a fiction that we have to see past?

The ways of the mind are very subtle. Its dreams, its fantasies, its fictions, they all indicate to something which is real; and because they indicate towards the real, they themselves attain a certain reality of their own.

That’s why dreams became so important for psychoanalysis. The whole movement of psychoanalysis is based on the interpretation of dreams. If rightly interpreted, a dream is no more a dream, it is a way of the unconscious to say something to your conscious. But the unconscious knows no language, it speaks in pictures. It is just like small children; they can understand pictures, hence their books are full of pictures - colored pictures, big pictures. As they become older, the pictures become smaller; as they become scholars in the universities, the pictures disappear, only words remain.

The same is true about the unconscious. The unconscious is still a child. The conscious is trained, has started speaking the language, has become able to rationalize, to follow logic. But the unconscious has no language, no logic; it has only pictures, dreams, visions. They are more significant than what you think, because your thinking is superficial, it does not go very deep. Most of it is borrowed from the books, from other people, from the world around. Your thinking, in fact, is not yours.

But your dreams are certainly yours, they are not borrowed. They indicate more authentically your being, your longing. But you have forgotten the language as far as the conscious mind is concerned, you have forgotten the language, the symbology, so you simply drop them out of your mind as nothing but a dream. But that is not being intelligent.

The dream should be taken more seriously than you take your thoughts. It should be looked from all angles, dimensions. If you dream yourself that you have a house in this commune, perhaps deep down within you there is something which is searching the same truth these people are searching here. Perhaps you also want to know your self, you don’t want to remain ignorant about your own being, you would like to enter a mystery school where you can learn ways and methods, techniques, how to explore inwards.

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