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Chapter 3: The Secret Taste of Honey on the Tongue

The mind is a repetitive mechanism; the mind continuously hankers for the same. And every moment the reality is new; it is never the same. You cannot step in the same river twice. Life is constantly moving, changing. Only change is permanent, everything else is changing. Only change is not changing. That is reality.

But then you create a false, a pseudo-reality of your own invention - fabricated in the mind, manufactured by your desire - and you start living in it.

Taoism says that to be in reality a man has to get out of his mind, a man has to become a no-mind. To be in reality a man has to uproot himself from the past, he has to forget the past. To remember that which is, the eyes have to be completely unclouded from the past - only then can you see in the reality. Eyes that are clouded with the past are eyes that are blind. You are not really blind, you are just clouded by the past. You cannot see directly because of so many screens covering your eyes. Those screens have been created by the past.

A man insulted you yesterday and today you come across him on the road. The past arises. A screen falls over your eyes. This is the same man who insulted you. You have to take revenge. You have to pay him back in the same coin - tit-for-tat. You start getting angry, you get into a rage. Now you are missing this man. It is possible that this man is no longer the same man; in fact, he cannot be the same man. He may have repented, he may have brooded the whole night, he may have decided to come to you and apologize, he may be coming to apologize now. But you cannot see. Your eyes are clouded with anger and your anger colors the reality. Even if he tries to apologize you will think that he must be trying to deceive you, or he has become afraid of your vengeance, or he is a cunning man - beware, he is trying to cheat you, to deceive you. Right now he is trying to befriend you but some day he will again bring trouble to you.

All these thoughts will be there and you will not be able to see what he is, you will miss the reality. And seeing all these clouds on your face, there is every possibility that, though he had come to apologize, he may now not apologize. Seeing that you are in a rage and you will not understand, he may change his own ideas. We affect each other. And then, if he changes his mind, your ideas are confirmed, they become even stronger. This is how things are happening.

A man who has clarity never carries the past. He simply looks into reality with no interference from the past. That is the meaning of this story. Dropping the memory means dropping the mind. Dropping the mind means dropping the whole world. Dropping the mind means dropping the ego - then you are no longer self-centered, then you don’t have any mind whatsoever. Then you live a life with no mind of your own - that is the meaning of Tao. Then God’s mind functions through you, you don’t have your own mind. You function but now you don’t function from your own center. Now the center of the whole becomes your center. You act but you are not the doer any more, God acts. Your surrender is total.

Just the other day I was reading a beautiful Hassidic parable.

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