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Chapter 6: You Can’t Corner a Madman

So only people who are mad enough are ready for me. Those who are very clever, I am not for them; they will have to wander a little longer, stumble in darkness and grope in darkness.

I can give you the gift of the unknown, it is ready, but you have to be ready to receive it. And of course you can only be somehow ready. It is a miracle; to be with me is a miracle; it cannot happen logically, but it happens. That’s why people will say to you that you are hypnotized. In a way they are right. You are not hypnotized, but you are in a sort of drunkenness.

“Thereafter I did not think that it would ever be so soon, but somehow I persisted with you. And then, through you the impossible has become possible, the distant the immediate.

“Though I know that I have only taken the first few steps, more and more moments are gathering when it feels like the end of the journey. It is painful and yet sweet: painful not to see you there anymore.”

The moment you can see yourself, you will not see me anymore because then two emptinesses will be facing each other, two mirrors facing each other. They will mirror infinitely, but nothing will be mirrored.

“It is painful and yet sweet: painful not to see you there anymore, but sweet to feel you everywhere.” Yes, the moment you cannot see me here in this chair, you will be able to see me everywhere.

“Lest I disappear without so much as saying thank you to you, may I please say it now, when you are still there for me?”

There is no need. Ajit’s whole being has become a thank you toward me. No need to say it.I have heard it before you have said it.

Enough for today.