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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

And deep inside, if you have a trusting mind, the non-dual will be in front of you. Deep down if you have doubts, then theories, thinking, words, philosophies, doctrines will be there, and in front you will be completely blind. You will not be able to see the close, you will be able to only think of the distant. Inside trust, outside reality. Inside trust, outside truth. Trust and truth meet - and there is no other meeting.

Because the non-dual is one with the trusting mind.

The way is beyond language,
for in it there is
no yesterday,
no tomorrow,
no today.

The last thing: Sosan is saying that language is possible if time is; language is the same gestalt as time. That’s why language has three tenses: past, present, future - just like time: past, present, future. Language is time, is divided into the same categories as time. And life is beyond. Life is not past. Where is past? You cannot find it anywhere.

I have heard that once it happened.

A man had come to look in a great museum. The man was very rich, so the best guide was given to him. The man looked at one head and he asked, “Who is this?”

The guide really didn’t know, so he said, “It is the head of Napoleon.”

Then a small head, and again the man asked. And the guide was so excited with this rich man, and so afraid, that he got messed up inside and he said, “This is also Napoleon’s head.”

So the rich man said, “What do you mean? Two heads?”

Then the guide was in difficulty, and some answer had to be given. So he said, “Yes, this is his childhood head and that is his old-age head.”

If the past exists, then a childhood head will be there, then many heads will be there; when you die you will leave millions of heads behind. But you leave only one head, not millions of heads. The past disappears; the past is nowhere, just in the memory. Where is the future? The future is nowhere, just in imagination. The past is that which is not now and the future is that which is not yet. That’s why mystics have always said: Only the present is. But Sosan goes a step ahead and he says:

.no yesterday
no tomorrow
no today.

Not even the present is. What does he mean? - because he is right, absolutely right. If there is no past and no future, then how can the present exist? Because the present exists only between the past and future.