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Chapter 14: The Last Word in Meditation

So remember, there is no contradiction; it is absolutely consistent. You are on your feet, you have to move with your own energy, you have to see with your own eyes, you have to experience with your own being. Still, immense help can be given to you because there are so many paths which lead nowhere.

The right path has to be chosen.

And even on the right path there are so many pitfalls, so many places people get stuck. Somebody is needed who has traveled on the path, who knows each inch of the path, who is aware of the pitfalls because he has fallen and he has risen so many times. He knows the stumbling blocks because he has stumbled. For many lives he has been struggling, and then finally he has been able to reach. Somebody who has traveled can be of great help, and one should not be ashamed of taking help from wherever it comes. One should be humble, one should be ready and open.

Rather than getting into a bondage with one person it is better to be available to all the wise ones in the world - living and dead. They all indicate to the same truth, because there are not so many truths, there is only one.

There are thousands of fingers pointing to the same moon. You should not become attached to the finger, because the finger is not the moon. You should forget the finger and look at the moon, and move towards the moon.

Mystics have spoken about true consciousness, and about “one” without a second. Yet, the very foundation of experience, of knowing, conceiving and language, is duality -at least a distinction between the subject and object must be made. From a logical point of view, pure consciousness cannot be the unconsciousness.
What can be said about this?

Logic is basically dualistic. Existence is non-dualistic. So first you have to understand one thing: logic and existence are diametrically opposite. For example, for logic there is darkness, there is light. But in existence itself, it is the same energy - different degrees.

There are animals who see in the night only. Our night is their day, our day is their night. Their eyes are very sensitive. The light of the sun is dazzling for their delicate and sensitive eyes, they cannot open their eyes. Naturally, in the day they live in darkness, they can open their eyes only in the night. And their eyes are so sensitive that they can see while you cannot see.

Light and darkness are not two opposites, but two poles of one energy - different degrees. Logically they look opposite. In terms of logic, light is light and can never be dark, and darkness is darkness and can never be light.

In logical terms, a is always a and can never be b. b is always b and can never be a. But in existence, the logic is not applicable.

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