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Chapter 10: Philosophical Bastards

The first question:

Eastern philosophy locates the essence of man in the atemporal observer. Western philosophy since the rise of technology, locates the chief dignity of man in the ability to control the world, to act. In psychosynthesis Assagioli marries East and West by positing both a passive witness and an active willer. Do mixed marriages work?

Yes, they work. They produce philosophical bastards! That’s what goes on happening again and again.

No marriage can be of any help. Unity is needed, not marriage. Marriage is a duality, the two remain two. And the two continue to fight - deep down the conflict continues. It continues in all kinds of marriages because the question of domination persists. The husband wants to dominate, the wife wants to dominate. There are subtle ways of nagging, subtle ways of possessing - and it continues. If you are trying to create a marriage-like arrangement between East and West the same will be the result, the same will be the outcome.

The East and the West have to disappear. They are ugly words. The earth is one so there is no need for any marriage. The earth is round and one, it is not divided anywhere. There is no line that divides East from West, it is all in the mind of man, it is all a kind of politics. The words East and West have lived too long and have created much mischief, have been very destructive. Many times it has been tried to create a kind of marriage but it cannot succeed because marriage does not dissolve the duality; rather, it accepts the duality and respects it. One has to see into the division and its falsity. It is utterly false, it is untrue.

Human consciousness is one - that has to penetrate deep into our hearts. I am never for any marriage. There are people who try to create a kind of marriage between Hinduism and Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, East and West, and this and that. It never succeeds. It only gives a false appearance that things are going okay. It is just appearance, it is not truth. Hidden behind it is much violence and conflict, and the old game persists under new names. You simply change the bottle, you never change the wine, and by changing bottles nothing happens. It is futile. Man has to be more mature now, man has to see into things, and if they are meaningless they have to be dropped.

Why marriage? Just drop the whole idea that anything divides humanity - religions, hemispheres, geographies, nations. All divisions have to disappear. Only then can this world be at peace.

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