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Chapter 5: Turning Lions into Sheep

Christianity doesn’t have any approach towards truth, because truth is intrinsic in your consciousness, beyond your mind. It is not a thought. It is not a question of philosophy, nor a question of theological discussions. It is a question of deep meditation that leads you beyond thinking, beyond mind, and you become simply a witness, a pure witness.

That witness is divine because it is eternal. It is the ultimate in intelligence, it is the greatest clarity of vision. It takes you away from all dualities. Even the true and the false are a duality, just as birth and death are a duality, just as light and dark are a duality. Passing beyond the mind, you have passed beyond duality.

Mind functions by dividing everything into polar opposites; that is the functioning of the mind. The no-mind functions totally differently, by bringing both contradictions closer and merging them into one. No-mind knows only one existence, in which everything is dissolved. You are no more you, I am no more I. This immersion into existence is the ultimate truth.

But it is not God, it is divine. It is godliness. That’s why there are religions like Buddhism, Jainism, who don’t believe in any God, but they believe in godliness. That is a totally different concept.

God is a person; godliness is a quality. You cannot become God, but you can be godly.

H.G. Wells has written in his world history that Gautam Buddha was “the most godless man and yet the most godly.”

What truth is Christianity defending? First you have to have the truth, then you can defend it.

And defending against whom? Your God is false, your devil is false. Once you know the truth, truth defends you, not that you defend the truth.

Truth is far bigger than you, it is infinite, it is eternal. You are just a dewdrop, and it is a vast ocean without any boundaries. The dewdrop is defending the ocean - do you see the nonsense intrinsic in the concept?

The ocean can protect the dewdrop, just the dewdrop has to slip from the lotus leaf and melt into the vast ocean. Religiousness is an oceanic feeling, an oceanic experience. The whole cosmos is one, and the whole cosmos has immense intelligence, multidimensional.

But Christianity is stuck with prayer. Any religion that is stuck with prayer is not a religion in fact. Only meditation makes the door open to religiousness, to godliness. Prayer is moving again outwards, looking upwards beyond the clouds. The more you pray, the further away you are from truth.

Meditation is not a prayer, it is utter silence. Prayer is gibberish. To whom are you talking? - it is insanity, there is no God.

I have heard that Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel for years on end. Now he was painting the roof inside the chapel on a long ladder.

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