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Chapter 17: The Manifestation of the Invisible

It is written that for him who is on the threshold of divinity
no law can be framed, no guide can exist.
Yet to enlighten the disciple,
the final struggle may be thus expressed:

13. Hold fast to that which has neither substance nor existence.

14. Listen only to the voice which is soundless.

15. Look only on that which is invisible

alike to the inner and the outer sense.

Peace be with you.

In the pursuit of truth, the journey to the temple of the divine is already arduous. To talk about it is even more arduous. The moment the experiences that happen on the path are put into words they become false, because words are very small and the experience is so vast. It is like someone trying to hold the sky in his fist and failing in the attempt. The same failure happens when you try to put truth into words. It can be said through emptiness, but never through words. Perhaps it can find an expression through silence, but with speech it fails. Of course, all this is true when you are still traveling on the path, but when you stand at the threshold of the temple, then the words really create difficulty. Because to be at the door of the temple of the divine means the end of all duality, and all our language is created through duality.

In language, the existence of opposites is essential. We can understand what darkness means only because of the existence of light - otherwise to say “darkness” would be meaningless. If someone asks you, “What is the definition of darkness?” what will you say? You will say, “It is an absence of light,” won’t you? It is really out of helplessness that you have to bring in light to define darkness. You can’t help it! And you will feel even more helpless if someone asks you, “What is the definition of light?” Then you will have to say, “It is an absence of darkness.” This is really a vicious circle: you have to drag light in to define darkness and darkness in to define light! They seem to be dependent on each other; and neither of them can exist independently, on its own. One cannot even be defined without referring to the other one.

Language is full of duality because language has been created for a world of duality; a world in which the meaning of birth is bound up with death, and in just the opposite way, the meaning of death is bound up with birth. Even the meaning of love is hidden in hatred - and if hatred were to disappear from the world, love would also disappear.

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