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Chapter 3: No Other Path but Life

He said, “Friendship is one thing, but this secret I cannot tell. And the secret is such that you cannot use it when you are dying - it has to be done before, because you have to carry all your money and all your gold and diamonds and everything to the river.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

He said, “Yes, and go into a small boat in the middle of the river and jump with all your money and be drowned - so you have taken it. Try! Nobody has tried. If you don’t succeed there is no harm, because everybody goes without it. If you succeed, then you will be the pioneer, the first one who reaches paradise with his whole bag of money. And all those saints will be looking with wide-open eyes: ‘This man has done something!’”

But the friend said, “That means you have to die.”

He said, “Naturally, and you have to be in good health. When you are dying, it will then be very difficult to carry that heavy load. I am going to do it soon, because my wife is gone, now nobody is there.”

But even if you jump into the ocean with all your money, the money will remain in the ocean, your body will remain in the ocean.

You will have to go alone, alone just as consciousness. Nothing belongs to you, because you bring nothing here and you can take nothing from here.

Life is the only way. Death is the only illusion to be understood.

If you can live fully, totally, understanding death as an illusion - not because I am saying it, but by your own experience in deep meditation - then live life fully, as totally as possible, without any fear. There is no insecurity, because even death is illusory.

Only the living being in you is real.

Clean it, sharpen it, make it fully aware so that not even a small part of it is drowned in darkness, so that you are luminous all over, you become aflame. This is the only way; there is no other alternative. And there is no need.

To be open and to be witnessing are two different things. Is it so, or is this a duality created by my mind?

Mind always creates duality; otherwise, to be open or to be witnessing are not two things. If you are open, you will be witnessing. Without being a witness, you cannot be open; or if you are a witness, you will be open - because being a witness and yet remaining closed is impossible. So those are only two words.

You can either start with witnessing - then opening will come on its own accord; or you can start by opening your heart - all windows, all doors - then witnessing will be found, coming on its own. But if you are simply thinking, without doing anything, then they look separate.

Mind cannot think without duality. Duality is the way of thinking.

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