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Chapter 5: The Pilgrims of Love

The religious person makes it his very life. The religious person is one who makes it his very style: he lives in wonder, he breathes in wonder, he walks in wonder. Everything creates wonder in him - a pebble or a dry leaf is as wondrous as anything. The whole life is full of miracles for him. If you have the eyes of wonder then the miracle is everywhere; it is spread all over the place.

The existence is made of the stuff called miracle. It is miraculous, from one end to another - you just need to have eyes which are still capable of wonder. Eyes which are still capable of wonder are young, and eyes which are no more capable of wonder are blind and old and dead.

Clean your eyes of dust. By dust, I mean knowledge. If you can learn only one thing being here with me, if you can learn wonder, you have learned all. If you can unlearn your knowledge, you have learned all. If you can become innocent again as you were in your childhood, you are very close to God.

That’s why Jesus says: Unless you are like children you will not enter into my kingdom of God. And remember, that kingdom is not far away - it surrounds you. That kingdom is here. You are still in it, you have just lost the eyes to see it. The kingdom is not to be gained, eyes have only to be regained, rediscovered - and it is not a difficult phenomenon, because you once had those eyes. They are only covered with dust. The mirror has become covered with a layer of dust, but the mirror is there. Remove the dust, and again things will become beautiful, again things will have meaning and significance.

If you become too knowledgeable then this whole life is nothing but a tale told by an idiot, full of fury and noise, signifying nothing. It is not accidental that all the modern thinkers of the world, East or West, are continuously thinking, talking, discussing and analyzing the concept of meaninglessness. This is the age of meaninglessness. And why? Why has this age become the age of meaninglessness? Because man has become very knowledgeable. Universal education, schools, colleges, universities: the dream of knowledge is fulfilled. Everybody knows. And because everybody knows, nobody understands.

You will have to renounce knowledge. I don’t ask you to renounce your family, your wealth, your world, but I certainly ask you to renounce your knowledge, your mind, your head.

The sutras:

I talk to my inner lover, and I say, why such rush?

The original is: Are man dhiraj kahe na dhare - Oh my mind, why can’t you be patient? Why can’t you wait, why can’t you trust?

Are man dhiraj kahe na dhare.

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