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Chapter 2: Love Comes Faceless

The first question,

Memory can’t recall your face,
so love comes faceless.
Unfamiliar is the part of me
that loves you.

She has no name,
and she comes and goes.
And when gone,
I wipe my tear-stained face,
so that it remains a secret.

Love is a mystery - the greatest mystery there is. It can be lived, but it cannot be known; it can be tasted, experienced, but cannot be understood. It is something beyond understanding, something that surpasses all understanding.

Hence, mind cannot take any note of it. It never becomes a memory, memory is nothing but notes taken by the mind; memory is traces, footprints left in the mind. Love has no body; it is bodiless. It leaves no footprints.

In Indian mythology, the god of love is known as Anang - anang means without body. All other gods have bodies except the love god; he has no body. He comes, he goes, you cannot see him; you cannot hear the sound of his approach. There is nothing visible about it, but still it is felt, still it is lived.

Love has no face. It is utter formlessness. You will never be able to see love; it is not tangible. And the higher it is, the more invisible it becomes; at the highest peak it is a pure nothingness. And remember that love is a ladder from the lowest to the highest, from the earth to the sky.

The earthly love has a certain face; it is not the face of love, but the earthly form gives it a face, you can recognize it. The lowest form has a certain tangibility about it, imparted by the earthly. But as you rise higher and higher in love - and the ultimate is prayerfulness - then all tangibility disappears. And when you, for the first time feel love as prayerfulness, love as pure sky, uncontaminated by any form, then certainly the other experience will arise: that it is felt by something in you which is not known to you. It is felt by your super-conscious.

Sex is unconscious, earthly, the lowest form of love. Love is conscious, higher than sex, just midway, a stopping station between the earth and the sky. It is more poetic, but still the poetry is definable, it is contained in the words. The highest form of love is prayerfulness; it is no more expressible, it is not contained any longer in any definition. No words are adequate enough to express it - it is inexpressible. And when the highest is felt, you can express it only through tears or laughter, or dance, very indirectly. And when the highest is felt, it provokes the highest in you; it is felt by the super-conscious.

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