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Chapter 7: Session 7

From that time on that has remained my language. I immediately recognize the idiot wherever he is, whoever he is. Nobody can escape my X-ray eyes. I can immediately see any retardedness, or anything else whatsoever.

The other day I had given one of my sannyasins the fountain pen that I wrote his new name with, just for him to remember that this was the pen I had used at the beginning of his new life, his sannyas. But his wife was there. I had even invited his wife to become a sannyasin. She was willing, and not willing - you know the way the women are: this way and that way; you never know exactly. Even when they show their right hand out of a car, you never know if they will really turn right. They may be feeling the wind, or nobody knows - they can be doing anything. That woman was willy-nilly, wishy-washy.a perfect woman in a way. She wanted to say yes and yet could not say it. She wanted to say no and yet could not say it - that kind of woman. And remember that is ninety-nine point nine percent of all women on the earth; only point one percent is left out. Otherwise that woman is very representative.

Still I tried to seduce her - into sannyas, I mean! I played my game a little bit, and she was coming very close to saying yes when I stopped. I am also not so simple as it may seem from the outside. I don’t mean that I am complex, I mean that I can see things so clearly that sometimes I have to withdraw my simplicity and its invitation.

When she was just about to say yes, she clutched her husband’s hand, who was now a sannyasin. I looked at him and could see that he wanted to get rid of this woman. She had tortured him enough. In fact he was hoping that by becoming a sannyasin this woman would have mercy, and leave him of her own accord. I could see his puzzlement when I was trying to persuade his wife to become a sannyasin. In his heart he was saying, “My God. If she becomes a sannyasin then even in Pune I can’t be at ease.”

He wants to become part of this ashram. He is a rich man and owns a multi-million dollar business and wants to donate all of it to the ashram. He was afraid.. I could see through and through this sannyasin and his wife.

There was no bridge between them, and there never had been. They were just an English couple, you know.. God knows why they married - and God does not exist. I repeat it again and again because I always feel you may think that God really knows! God does not know because he exists not.

God is a word like jesus. It does not mean anything, it is just an exclamation. That’s how the story goes, telling how Jesus got his name..

Joseph and Mary are taking their child back home from Bethlehem. Mary is sitting on the donkey with the child. Joseph is walking ahead holding the rope, leading the donkey. Suddenly he stumbles, hitting his toe on a rock. “Jesus!” he shouts. And you know the ways of women..

Mary says, “Joseph! I was thinking what name to give to our new child, and just now you uttered the right name - Jesus!”

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