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Chapter 17: This Too Will Pass

He said, “You must know it because you have been with the master so long. I surrendered totally, I trust him, I just repeat his name and leave everything to him, and anything becomes possible. I can pass through fire, I can walk on water, I can jump from high mountains. You look surprised,” he said. “In fact, I should be surprised that you cannot, and you have been here for years with a great master.”

They rushed to the master. They said, “This man is strange. He is walking on water, and he says it is the power of your name. He simply repeats your name and he can do anything.”

The master himself was surprised, but he did not show his surprise to the disciples. He said, “That’s what you should all be doing. If your surrender is total, my name can take you to ultimate liberation.” But deep down he was thinking that when everybody is gone, he is going to try repeating his own name and walk on water. Because if that other guy in just one day is doing such a miracle, “then what miracles can I not do? I was not aware.” So he repeated his name, walked into the water and started drowning.

With difficulty he was saved, and his disciples said, “What happened?”

He said, “Call that strange man and let me see how he walks, because if I cannot walk repeating my own name, how can he?” The man came and he walked on water.

The master said, “You jump from the mountain, thousands of feet high, deep into the valley.”

The man jumped, and they had to walk down for hours to reach him. They were thinking they were not going to find a single bone unfractured, that the man must be splattered all over the place - but he was sitting in a lotus posture under a tree looking so beautiful. He said, “Great master, your name is such a miracle!”

The master had to fall at his feet. He said, “Forgive me, I’m not a master at all; I’m just a charlatan. I have been cheating people, exploiting people, but I cannot exploit you. Your trust prohibits me.”

People like Guru Maharaji belong to the same category as that master. If they repeat their own name, they will start drowning in the water. The technique they have given to you, which is giving you a certain peace and silence, has not given them any peace, any silence.

I know the man, I used to know his father. His father was also doing the same thing - pretending to be a mystic. He trained this boy, Guru Maharaji - who was just six years old at that time - to memorize a few scriptures, and that became a great attraction. He would recite scriptures in pure Sanskrit.

His father used to say, “In his past life he was a great master; he still remembers these things from his past life” - and I know this was not true. The master, the father of Guru Maharaji, was not at ease with his wife - just as nobody is at ease.

I asked the wife.and she said, “He is a cheat, and now he is training his children to be cheats. He has spoiled this boy; now he is spoiling the other boy.”

And just because he was six or seven years old, thousands of people would come to listen, believing that it was the memory of his past life.

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