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Chapter 3: Living with the Eternal

Devageet has a heart of a small child, utterly innocent. His transformation from disciplehood to the glorious space of being a devotee has come to him very naturally, very spontaneously, without any effort on his part. Just being in my presence, just being with me, he has moved millions of light-years.

It is natural, Devageet, that your curiosities will disappear. Soon you will find another thing disappearing: your longing for knowledge. These are good indications of coming back home. Perhaps just one step more and you will have forgotten curiosities, questions, quest for knowledge - and you will simply relax in the new light that you have found within yourself: perfectly at ease, cool and calm, not a single worry in the world, at ease with the trees and the birds and the ocean and the stars.

You love to laugh, you have a great sense of humor - and according to me all the religions in the past have missed the great religious quality of the sense of humor. The reason was that they were all against life. They could not be for laughter: they were all against love - how they could be in favor of laughter? They were life-denying not life-affirming ideologies.

Hence you don’t see a single instance in the life of Jesus when he would have laughed. Even before he was crucified he lived as though he was continuously being crucified. The crucifixion of Jesus seems to be the ultimate outcome: “This guy will never be satisfied unless he is crucified.”

“Why were you kissing my young daughter in that dark corner last night?” said the angry father.

“Now that I’ve seen her in the daylight,” said Ernie, “I sort of wonder myself.”

In the darkness you have been curious and you have been many more things, but in the light you start sort of wondering, “What have I been doing?”

It was the couple’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and the wife said, “Darling, you have been a very good husband over the years and I would like to show you my appreciation. Is there anything that you would like on this special day?”

The husband thought for a while and then said, “Yes, actually there is. You have always forbidden me to look into the top drawer of your cupboard. I would really like to see what is in there.”

His wife agreed and he opened it. Inside there were two eggs and about ten thousand dollars in cash. “What are the eggs for?” he inquired.

“Well,” said his wife, “I guess it’s time you should know. Every time I was unfaithful to you, I put an egg in the drawer.”

“Twice in twenty-five years,” smiled the husband, “that’s understandable. But what is all that money?”

“Well, darling,” she replied, “Each time I had a dozen eggs, I sold them.”

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