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Chapter 3: Don’t Make Life a Question-Answer Game

The man completed his evening walk, and then he went towards his home, but with the same pace. Vidyasagar followed him just to see what else would happen. There was a big crowd; almost everything was burning. All their efforts had failed.

The rich man also stood in the crowd, just as others were standing. Others were very tense, in great anxiety, in a great hurry - what to do? how to save? - and he was standing there, just a witness, as if it were somebody else’s house and somebody else’s art collection that was burning.

This is not laziness. This is a tremendous centering of being, such a groundedness that you can take everything at ease.

There is no need to think that “there must be something wrong with me.” Just change that word laziness and everything is right with you.

Words mean much. Just a few days ago, I was informed that in the Soviet Union there are many Mohammedan countries.and religion is banned by the communist party of the Soviet Union. Each child is taught atheism from the very beginning. So the Mohammedans have been in trouble - what to do?

The month of ramadan comes, when for thirty days they fast in the day and eat in the night. To do it will be a sure indication that you are acting against the government - you are still following a religion. They have simply changed the name; they call it “the month of dieting,” and now there is no problem. Dieting is not prohibited. Fasting is prohibited.

A Mohammedan is expected by his religion to pray five times a day. And his prayer is such that it looks like an exercise: he bows down, gets up, bows down, touches the earth, gets up again, and inside he is reciting his mantra. Now they are still doing it; now they call it “exercise.” It keeps your body and mind fit - the soul you cannot talk about; just the mind and body. In the Soviet Union the soul does not exist, it is against the policy of the government, but nobody can prevent you from doing exercises. Even if you do them five times a day, it is not a criminal act, and it is not religious. And it is good for the body and for the mind.

Just changing words.. And you will see that every word has a certain connotation with it. Laziness has a very negative, condemnatory connotation. But to be at ease is a beautiful phenomenon - relaxed, at home, centered, without any tension and without any anguish. Just because of that word laziness the idea is arising in you: “there must be something wrong with me.” Nothing is wrong with you.

“I feel that I am at the beginning of a new journey and there is a question that keeps on coming up: What is the difference between being a watcher and the feeling, ‘I am not that’?”

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