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Chapter 10: Nowhere to Go

And remember again, more devils are needed. If you find any, particularly in the beautiful guise, masquerading as women, bring them - fetch them immediately. I need more.

In the Western mind there is a division between God and the Devil, not in the Eastern mind. The polarity is one. So if you look at the lives of Eastern gods, you will be puzzled; they are both - godly and devilish. They are more whole, more holy. The Western God seems to be almost dead, because all the life has gone to the devil. The Western God seems to be a very uptight gentleman. You can call him almost an English gentleman - very uptight, needs psychoanalysis. And the devil of course is much too alive. That too is dangerous.

All divisions are dangerous. Let them meet and mingle. This place makes no difference between the devil and the divine. I absorb all. So whosoever you are, I am ready to absorb you. And I use all sorts of energies; and if the devilish energy can be used in a divine way, it becomes tremendously fruitful. I don’t deny anything, so you cannot find any other place on the whole of the surface of the earth like this. And this is just a beginning. When more devils come you will see.

Enough for today.