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Chapter 12: A Single Humanity Rejoicing

Of course, they went to the very logical end. Jesus says to his people: “After death there will be judgment day, and I will be there to pick my people. And only those who are with me will be saved; all others will be thrown into the eternal darkness of hell.”

Reverend Jim Jones was continually teaching the Bible, Christianity, and of course he was teaching that real life begins after death. And if he convinced those fools, one thousand fools, it is nothing to be surprised at: they were all Christians. The gospel was Christian, and if he convinced them to die with him.why wait for the judgment day?

And on the judgment day there is going to be so much of a crowd - poor Jim Jones, how is he going to find his one thousand followers? It will be really difficult. The best way is: Jim Jones dies and with him his followers die. And they will reach the gates of heaven with God and Jesus Christ and all the apostles shouting, “Alleluia!” This is far better, quicker.

Other Christians have waited for two thousand years but the judgment day has not come yet. And if you read Jesus, his disciples asking again and again, “When will the judgment day come?” and he says, “Soon.” The whole indication is that it is going to happen within your life. Now, twenty centuries have passed; it has not happened. Nobody asks the pope, “What about the judgment day? Jesus was saying, ‘Soon.’ What do you mean by ‘soon’?” At least it should be explained how many centuries, how many generations.. “Soon” cannot be extended that much.

But Christian bishops and cardinals and priests are comparing me with Jim Jones. In churches, sermons are delivered and it is said that Rajneeshpuram is going to become a second Jonestown. Now, who is going to say to these fools that this is the only place which cannot become Jonestown? The whole rest of the world can become - because we are not interested in the afterlife, we are only interested in life here, now.

But strange are the ways of the world! A man like me is compared with Reverend Jim Jones.. I am absolutely for life, so much so that I am ready to drop God, paradise, heaven - everything! Life is so precious; everything can be dropped for it.

So if a real religiousness spreads and nations disappear - so far, so good. If religions disappear - so far, so good.

The Western man as Western, dies - so far, so good, because his death as Western will also mean the death of the Eastern man as Eastern. Those terms are related only to each other: the East cannot exist without West. The death of the Western man will be the death of the Eastern man - and that’s perfectly good.

Then only man remains - neither Eastern nor Western, belonging neither to this nation nor to that nation. A single humanity rejoicing herenow in this very life, in this, the very lotus paradise..