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Chapter 20: Reaction Never Brings Freedom

During the last years the Indian shamans have gone more and more into public work.
Can you say something about this work?

It is something complex to be understood, but two points will help. One is - which is a vital point - that the East has suffered tremendously from the Western invasion of the East, creating slavery. And the East was not prepared to fight. For centuries it has been thinking of nonviolence and it has gone into its very conditioning not to fight. It is better to be a slave than to be a killer of man.

It was Eastern spirituality which helped the Western powers to rule over the East for three centuries. They should not think that it was their power. They were all small nations. Their power was small. The Eastern nations were tremendously big. They had immense potential for power, but just the spiritual background was against violence and war.

But everything has a reaction.

Although the East became a slave to Western materialism and material forces, the West could not kill the Eastern spirit, its mysticism. There is no way to kill it. They even started to inquire into the mysteries of the East. They translated all the best mystic literature of the East into Western languages. That was the beginning of the turn of the wheel. Then Eastern spiritual teachers started going to the West, because now the West was acquainted intellectually with Eastern spirituality, and it was so clear to them that their own spirituality was far behind.

As the Eastern teachers reached the Western countries they proved it absolutely - that whatever is thought to be religion in the West is very primitive and crude, and the East has something more superior to offer.

What I am leading up to is that the East lost its freedom because of spirituality. Now it is gaining a new kind of empire around the world because of the same spirituality; now every seeker from every country has to come to the East. And it is perfectly good, because spirituality does not create any slavery, yet it can create an empire of influence, and that is what is happening - and it is going to happen more and more.

The West will have to pay for whatever wrong it has done to the East - it has been ugly and barbarous. And it conquered people who were not at all interested in fighting. The reason they succeeded was not the power of the conqueror, the reason was simply that the people they were conquering had dropped the very idea of conquering, fighting, killing.

But nature tends to a balance..

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