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Chapter 25: The Same Vicious Circle

I can understand, he was a troubled man, but nobody else is responsible for it. He never tried to find a simple fact: “What is the secret of the peaceful life of Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Mahavira, Bodhidharma, Tilopa? All these Eastern mystics who have lived so joyously and so dancingly, what is their secret”?

Western philosophers have remained almost blind; even today the same is the case. It will be a great day in the history of man when Western philosophy starts to enter into the mysteries of the Eastern achievement. Perhaps that will be the beginning of East and West meeting.

The East is outwardly poor, but inwardly has a richness. The West is outwardly rich, but inwardly is very poor. Both can meet, and in their meeting the whole of humanity can be rich - outwardly, inwardly. And when you can be rich so totally, why be rich only halfheartedly? Yet the other half remains poor.

If one has to choose - if there is no other way, and these are the only alternatives - then I will say the East has chosen well. It is better to be outwardly poor, and inwardly rich, but I don’t think that is the only possibility.

My approach is to create a third alternative, where East and West can meet and merge. And I don’t see any difficulty at all.