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Chapter 2: Attaining Real Eyes

When for the first time Christian missionaries came to Africa, they were in a great difficulty. The Bible was to be translated, and God is always depicted as white and the Devil as black. So it was a problem - how to tell the black people that the Devil is black and God is white? They could conceive of God as black and the Devil as white. And that was natural, they had always depicted their God as black; their Devil had always been white. You may not be aware of what the Christian missionaries had to do. In African translations of The Bible, God is depicted as black and the Devil as white; otherwise there could be no communication, no possibility of any meeting.

We conceive of things through our mind; that mind goes on interpreting. But we can understand about beauty and ugliness - what about other interpretations? If man disappears there will be no good and evil in the world, nothing will be moral and nothing will be immoral. All our morality, all our judgment is through conceptions.

A lion jumping on an animal and eating it, tearing it - is he bad or good? Is he evil? If we interpret then it looks very evil, violent. But the lion is not doing anything, he is simply eating. He is not aware of anything - of what is good and what is bad. And he is not doing anything bad; he is taking his lunch, as you take your lunch. If man disappears, then there is nothing good and nothing bad.

And the same happens to the sage. When a man becomes enlightened the man has disappeared from him with all the interpretations, judgments. He has become pure, as if he is no more. The mind has been dropped. He is conscious, fully conscious, but with no contents to project. He looks at the world as it is, without any interpretation. And for the first time he comes to know reality.

Man cannot know the real because man goes on projecting his ideology; and all ideologies are home-made, the existence doesn’t support them, you create them. That’s why it is said again and again, all over the world - Eckhart says it in the West, Boehme says it in the West, Rinzai says it in Japan, Lin Chi says it in China, Buddha says it in India - all over the world, wherever a mirrorlike mind has appeared, it has said that nothing is bad and nothing is good. There is no evil and no God - existence is one. And if you can accept this existence without any interpretation, for the first time you are creating a way which can lead to the truth.

You cannot carry your mind to the truth. If you carry your mind, whatsoever you come to know will not be the truth. You may encounter the truth but you will not know it, because the moment you see something you have interpreted. You pass through a garden and you see roseflowers. You have not seen them and immediately the mind says, “Beautiful.” The flowers have disappeared, your concept has come in. You have projected, you have judged. Jesus says, “Judge ye not.” Don’t judge.

I have heard about one Mohammedan Sufi mystic. He used to sell small things in the village, and the people of that village became aware that he had no judgment. So they would take the things and give him false coins. He would accept them, because he would never say, “This is wrong and this is right.” Sometimes they would take things from him and they would say, “We have paid,” and he would not say, “You have not paid.” He would say, “Okay.” He would thank them.

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