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Chapter 10: The Door Opens

East and West are irrelevant to buddha consciousness. If buddhas can happen in the East without the help of the West, why can’t they happen in the West without the help of the East? And who has told you that they have not happened in the West already? Just the names are different there; they don’t call it buddha consciousness, they call it Christ consciousness. It is the same. Meister Eckhart or Jacob Boehme or Gurdjieff - these are buddhas. They have been happening in the West as much as they have been happening in the East, only the names differ.

No support of the East is needed, no communion. A buddha is not a communion of East and West. A buddha is a transcendence of all that is East and West - a transcendence of all divisions, not a communion, not a meeting but a transcendence, not a synthesis of the opposites but going beyond the opposites. A buddha is a pure sky, knows no boundaries. It can happen anywhere, in any time.

But the Eastern ego feels very good to think that buddhas can only happen in the East. And when Indians use the word East they simply mean India; they don’t mean China, they don’t mean Japan, they can’t mean Pakistan. Their East simply means India. And if you insist in India too, “Where?” then it never means South India, it means North India. If you go on insisting, you will find finally that the Indian simply means that he himself is the person who can become the buddha, nobody else. If you go on insisting, finally you will find that he is declaring himself, that’s all; that he can become the buddha, nobody else. Deep down it is nothing but an ego game. Forget all these ego games. Get out of these egoistic assertions.

Just as it happens in space, the same has happened again and again in time also. India is a certain space in time also, the same happens.now, there are people who say, “Buddhas only used to happen in the past; they cannot happen now. They are not going to happen in the future, this is a kali yuga, this is the worst time.” Why is this the worst time? Time is always the same. The birds sing the same songs that they used to sing in Buddha’s time, the trees still bloom the same way, and the rivers flow the same way, the stars move in the same way. This is the same dance, time cannot make any difference. Why only in the past? Again the ego is involved. We are too attached with the past, “our past,” “our heritage.” We think of our past in glorious terms, that gives us great satisfaction, and it helps us and consoles us that we have been at the top. Nobody has ever been at that height where we have been. It helps us to feel good - because when we look around and the real situation is so ugly, we need some dreams to help us.

And there are two kinds of dreams possible: either you dream of the past - that’s what religions have been doing. Or you dream of the future - that’s what materialistic religions are doing. Communism, fascism, nazism, they dream of the future; they say in the future will be the utopia, the golden age. Old religions used to say, in the past was the golden age. Nobody says that right now is the golden age.

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