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Chapter 9: Friendship: The Highest Form of Love

That’s what all the religions of the world are doing. They have found the savior, and they have dropped all their responsibility. Now it is the duty of Jesus or Krishna or Buddha to take you in their arms and carry you into the highest state of being.

Now, this is not possible. Nobody can take you to the ultimate; you will have to go on your own, alone. The master’s function is not to save you: his function is to show you the path. You have to save yourself.

Except for you there is no one who can become your savior.

People have never thought about it: The moment you think somebody else can save you, you are becoming dependent on somebody else. And dependence is not the right way to reach to the high peaks of consciousness, independence - total independence - freedom. You are cutting your wings with your own hands, and now you will not be able to fly to the moon.

The moment you think of your master as a friend, you save him from the responsibility of being your savior, and you save yourself by becoming responsible, by taking the whole path - its difficulties, its beauties, its anguishes and its ecstasies.accepting everything with tremendous responsibility.

You are alone, and alone you have to seek and search. And only in your ultimate aloneness will you find it. The master can only show you the path. He is only a finger pointing to the moon. He is certainly a great friend because what he is indicating to you is the greatest bliss in life.

Existence moves in two ways. One is the horizontal way, like a straight line moving from A to B, from B to C, up to X Y Z. You start becoming more and more alive.

Perhaps at point A you were just a stone. Yes, there is some kind of life in the rocks too, because they grow. The Himalayas are still growing higher, every year one foot. They are still young and still full of energy to go higher. They are the highest mountains in the world - seem to be inexhaustible in energy, as if they want to touch the stars.

I was born near a mountain which is the oldest mountain in the world, Vindhyachal. It came out of the ocean at the very beginning - the first mountain in the world. It is the oldest; ancient.it has stopped growing for millions of years. It is so old that there is a beautiful story about it.

One great sage was going to deliver his message towards the south - Vindhyachal is just in the middle of India - and for the old sage to cross the mountain was really difficult. Seeing the difficulty of the old sage, Vindhyachal bent down, just as if somebody were touching your feet, and allowed the way to the sage. And the sage said, “Remain as you are, because I will have to come back again, and by that time I will be even older. So please wait for me!” But the sage never came back; he died in the south, so Vindhyachal is still bent.

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