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Chapter 9: These Games Keep You Retarded

You have now been enlightened for almost thirty-six years. How does it feel to be beyond the beyond the beyond?
P.S. Can I meet you in the pub afterwards?

Vimal, it seems you have taken too much drink, because we are in the pub! This place can only be described as belonging to those who are drunk with the divine.so drunk that they have forgotten their nationality, forgotten their church, forgotten even who they are.

Vimal is asking me if I can meet him afterwards in the pub, but beyond this pub there is no other place so drunk with the divine dance and song. What I am teaching you is to find a source within yourself which can make you a drunkard.

The joy of this life, the bliss, the ecstasy, belongs only to those whose wine is not coming from the outside - that is very ephemeral, very temporal, made of the same stuff as dreams are made of. There is another wine which grows within you. The moment you start moving inwards, there is no need for anything else to make you oblivious to all the misery that surrounds you. There is no need for any other drug.

A few idiots in the West have started calling a drug “ecstasy.” Now that is absolutely against all the laws of the world, because ecstasy has been for centuries copyrighted by my people! And it is not an outside drug, it flows in the very juices of your life. You don’t have to move even an inch; wherever you are you can be surrounded by all possibilities of blissfulness. And these possibilities of blissfulness are not temporal; it is not that tomorrow morning you will have a hangover. The more you drink, the more sober, the more sane, the more alert, the more conscious you become.

Unless a drug is found within your being, you are bound to look for it somewhere else. It raises a tremendously significant question. As long as we can remember in human history.the oldest, ancientmost scripture is the Rig Veda of the Hindus, and the Rig Veda talks about a certain drug, somrasa.

One of the most intelligent men of our century, Aldous Huxley, became very interested in searching for what this somrasa was, because the seers of the Rig Veda used to drink it and dance around the fire. Certainly it seems it must have been a drug, and particularly to the Western objective thinker it cannot be anything else than a drug.

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