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Chapter 6: Blind Man’s Bluff

Watch a seed sprouting, breaking the hard shell, then the hard crust of the earth, then rising into the world - the unknown, unmapped, uncharted future. Nobody knows what is going to happen and all sorts of danger all around. If the plant becomes afraid and remains in the seed, then it will never taste what life is.

Don’t be afraid. Come out of your ignorance, come out of your protective shell, come out of the ego. Ego is just like the egg: a shell which protects. Come out of your character, come out of your conscience. Take the challenge! Adventure into the unknown.

In the beginning much misery, much suffering will happen. But it is only in the beginning, I promise you; it is only in the beginning. And if you can pass through it - and the more totally you pass through it the sooner it passes away.. If you can be really total, in a single moment it passes away. But in the single moment you suffer all hell.

And that suffering, when it passes then you know what it has done to you. It cleanses you, it purifies you. It is like fire; you are like gold. It purifies you. It doesn’t burn you, it doesn’t destroy you. It destroys only all that is rubbish in you, all that is not gold. All that is just foreign to you is destroyed.

But your nature, your tao, is saved, purified, absolutely cleansed of all impurities. And in that pure heart happens that ecstasy which we call moksha, the absolute liberation. Or you can call it God. Purified, you become God. Purified, cleansed, you become divine.

That ultimate ecstasy is yours, but at a cost. And the cost is to pass through the suffering.

Enough for today.