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Chapter 8: No One Is Insignificant

Devadutta became so hurt that he left the commune and made many attempts on the life of Gautam Buddha. Those attempts look fictional, because we don’t know the power of love and we don’t know the power of awareness, and we don’t know the beauty of ecstasy and its tremendous power of protection.

Buddha used to meditate on a small rock at the bottom of a vast mountain. Devadutta tried to roll a big rock from the mountain in the direction of Gautam Buddha, so that that rock killed him completely and nobody would be blamed, nobody would even think that somebody had killed him. The rock came rushing down the mountain and everybody who was present was surprised, could not believe that it could happen: just two feet away from Buddha the rock stopped, changed its route, and moved away from him. Then it went on falling. It was very strange behavior of the rock; one would never think that a rock would do that. Even Devadutta was puzzled.

Devadutta himself was a king of a small kingdom, and he had a very mad elephant. The mad elephant was always kept in chains in the prison because he used to kill people. Devadutta saw another possibility. The elephant was brought near Gautam Buddha and released. He rushed towards Gautam Buddha, the way he would have rushed to anybody else. But as he reached near, he suddenly stopped, and with tears in his eyes he bowed down to Gautam Buddha and touched his feet with his head.

Nobody could believe that an insane elephant.how is he making a distinction? But blind people are blind people! Devadutta could not see what the rock could see, what the mad elephant could see - a subtle, invisible aura of love.

When, a few years ago, a man threw a knife at me in the morning meeting.. And it seems it was an absolute conspiracy, because just before the meeting, fifteen minutes before, the police informed the office, “Today there is a danger; a man is going to throw a knife at Osho. So twenty police officers should be allowed in.”

Now, this is stupid. If they knew that a certain man was going to commit a crime, they should have arrested him. Rather than that, they informed the office. As the story went on it became clear that it was absolutely a conspiracy. Those twenty police officers with loaded guns surrounded that man. The sannyasins thought that perhaps they were for our protection - that was wrong. They were for the protection of the man who was going to throw the knife. They were afraid that ten thousand sannyasins would kill that man if anything happened.

And that man shouted - which is on record - “Osho, you are against Hinduism and we cannot tolerate your existence anymore.” And he threw the knife at me. Because he was shouting I stopped and listened to him, what he was saying. It is on tape. He threw the knife from just fifteen feet away and it was strange, that the knife fell away from me - eight feet away. Not only did it not touch me, it did not even touch anyone in the crowded Buddha Hall; nobody was touched by the knife.

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