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Chapter 8: The Great Palace of Consciousness

That very understanding, and all starts changing. And when you are free from the past you are capable to move into the present. You can dive deep into the now and here.

After some months of marriage, a girl wrote the following letter to her doctor.

Dear Doctor,

Since I got married, my husband seems to have gone mad. He is after me at breakfast, coffee break, lunchtime, even teatime and then all night, every few hours. Is there anything I can do or give to help him? I await your kind reply.

P.S. Please excuse my shaky handwriting.

So the husband is still after her. “There are many animals who make love that way. Now, something surfacing from those animal worlds..

A woman went to her doctor to complain that her husband’s sexual feelings for her seemed to have declined.

The doctor, being an old friend of the family, gave the woman some pills to slip into her husband’s tea so that at least the man wouldn’t get a complex about being a bit underpowered.

Two days later, the woman was back in the doctor’s office.

“What happened?” asked the doctor. “Did the pills work?”

“Fantastic!” replied the woman. “I was so eager to see their effects on my husband that I tipped three of them into a cup of coffee, and within seconds of drinking it he got up, kicked the table and pulled me down on the floor and ravished me.”

“Oh!” said the doctor. “I hope you weren’t too surprised?”

“Surprised?” said the woman. “I’ll never be able to set foot in that restaurant again!”

That’s how animals make love. You can lose your consciousness and you can behave like an animal. Perversion means you are losing your consciousness. You are behaving like something below human beings. That capacity is man’s - he can fall below the animals and he can rise above the gods. That is the glory of man and his misery too. That is the agony of man and his ecstasy also. Man is the only animal in the world, the only being, who is capable of reaching to the deepest hell and rising to the highest heaven.