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Chapter 4: A True Lover Never Dies

Death - the whole world fears.
Death - my heart overjoys.
When will I die and give myself
in ecstasy complete?

Kabir says he will meet God when he dies. Those who have known life look upon death as a meeting with God, as an encounter with him. For them, death is the greatest fortune. For them, death is not death, death is a marriage, a union. For them, death is the ultimate, the perfection; the supreme flowering of love. For them, the face of death is transformed.

From the angle at which you look at death you think it is the end of everything, that all will be destroyed. What you have taken to be real is nothing more than a dream. But the angle from which Kabir is looking will open the door of truth, will remove the useless and usher in the bountiful.

You consider death as the blackest night, but to Kabir it is the morning, the dawning of the greatest promise. As the night gets darker and darker and death comes nearer and nearer Kabir is filled with joy. It means the sun is about to rise.

If you live correctly, you can die correctly. The right kind of life is the basis for the right kind of death, so the man who dies in the right way has to face death no more.

Look for the key to dying only once. You have slipped through the net many, many times; many times you have fallen back into the ocean of sansara, back into the ocean of the world. Before his net descends on you this time, make yourself worthy to be chosen by him.