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Chapter 31: Look into My Eyes for the Shortest Answer

MITI TV, Milwaukee, Wisconsin;

Ma Prem Arup

I can’t help smiling when I look at you. You seem so happy.. You are a happy man?

I am.

You know how television is, sometimes we have to condense things. So I would ask, that we try to get some short answers..

You just give me the time.so I can give you the short answers. First, give me the time, how much time you want?

Well, usually twenty seconds to twenty-five seconds is the edited down portion of the answer. But if you feel the need to expand a bit beyond that, please feel free.

What is your vision?

And you want it in thirty seconds..

Just then look at my eyes and you will get the answer. That is the shortest way. There are things which cannot be spoken, but which can be seen. There are things which explanations only explain away, but they can be felt, and felt so deeply that the fragrance of it remains forever.

So look into my eyes for the shortest answer. The silence, the depth, the joy, and ecstasy all are right now present before you. And I can see that you can see. I would not have answered that way to another journalist.

I can feel your heart. I can feel your loving being. I can feel your lifelong search. It is full of tears, sometimes of sadness, sometimes of happiness, but it has not come to an end. Still you have to go far. I can be of some help, just as a friend. I am nobody’s master. That very word has ugly connotations.

What are you? Are you a teacher?

I am just a friend.

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