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Chapter 11: Beliefs Are Lies

After the third day, the fourth day early in the morning, he saw a man sitting under a tree. You can imagine his joy. He rushed, he hugged the man, and he said, “What joy!”

And the other man hugged him, and both were immensely happy and they asked each other, “Why are you so ecstatic?”

One said, “I was lost and I was waiting to meet somebody,” and the other said, “I am also lost and I am waiting to meet somebody. But if we are both lost then the ecstasy is just foolish. So now we will be lost together!”

That is what happens: you are lonely, the other is lonely - now you meet. First the honeymoon: that ecstasy that you have met the other, now you will not be lonely any more. But within three days, or if you are intelligent enough, then within three hours.it depends how intelligent you are. If you are stupid, then it will take a longer time because one does not learn; otherwise the intelligent person can immediately see after three minutes.“What are we trying to do? It is not going to happen. The other is as lonely as I am. Now we will be living together - two lonelinesses together. Two wounds together cannot help each other to be healed. Two blind people leading each other..” Kabir says, both are bound to fall in a well sooner or later, and more possibly sooner than later.

Nothingness, meditativeness, no-mindness is a totally different phenomenon. Loneliness is natural. You are born lonely, and immediately the child starts searching and seeking for the other; he starts searching for the mother, he starts groping. He clings to the mother; he does not want to be left alone even for a few moments. He starts crying, he starts screaming; he makes much fuss so that the mother comes back. He learns the language - how the mother can be manipulated. It is a very strange world! Even small babies become politicians. They know how to manipulate. They will start crying, they will start weeping.

Once it happened:

I went to see a friend with one of my friends driving me. His small son had come with him - not more than three years old. The friend went into some other person’s house to inquire whether he was there or not. I was sitting in the back of the car and the child was sitting in front. The child somehow fell over and hit his head against the wheel. I closed my eyes, as if I had not seen. He looked at me; remained silent. After ten minutes when his father came back he started crying.

I said, “This is not right! This is not fair! Why are you crying now?”

He said, “What to do then? What was the point of crying? You were not even looking at me!”

I said, “Now it cannot be hurting. At that time it must have hurt, I know.”

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