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Chapter 6: They Gave Him Crucifixion

Let ecstasy always be the criterion. Whenever you go high, ecstasy grows. If you go low, your ecstasy is diminished. But both look alike because both are adjustments. In one you drop being the individual, you become a sheep. You start imitating people, you become part of the mob. The mob itself may be wrong - that’s not the question - but you adjust with it. The mob may be neurotic, and in fact is so: mobs are more neurotic than individuals.

Friedrich Nietzsche has said - and rightly - that as far as individuals are concerned, neurosis is a rare accident. But as far as mobs are concerned, that is the rule not the exception.

Mobs have always been neurotic. Adjust with the mob. You will feel good because now you are part of the social neurosis, you don’t have a private neurosis. You will never feel it - everybody is just like you - things feel perfectly good. That’s why Jesus says both gates are alike: both are gates. But there is a great difference.

And the difference is: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate.. If you go backwards, the gate is wide: and broad is the way.. But if you go upward, narrow is the way.very narrow. In fact, you have to go alone. You cannot take anybody with you. If you go to the fourth you will have to go alone. You will have to go in absolute aloneness. That’s why solitude, meditation, prayer - all have to be done in aloneness. You cannot get into the fourth with all your friends, family, acquaintances, etcetera. You will have to leave everybody behind, you will have to move on a very narrow path. It is so narrow that it cannot even contain two together. You cannot even take your wife, your husband, your son, your mother. There is no way. You have to go alone. It is solitary.

You can help others also to go to it, but they will go in their own solitariness. Remember, the higher you go, the more alone you are. The lower you go, the more you are with people.

It is like a pyramid. The lowest part of the pyramid has the biggest base: the base is the biggest. Then, as you go higher, the pyramid becomes smaller and smaller and smaller, and at the apex, it is just a point. You can visualize these minds in this way. The primal is the base of the pyramid; the social is very close to the base - a little smaller than the base; the individual is very close to the apex, to the peak - far away from the base; and the universal is just a point, the apex. And when you have jumped even beyond that, the pyramid disappears.and the fifth, the transcendental. It is not part of the pyramid at all.

The third mind is addressed by Jesus, and is told that these are the two possibilities. If you enter with the collectivity you will be destroying yourself; it will be destructive, it will not be creative. You will not be born out of it, it will be simple suicide. There will be no resurrection in it.

Enter ye in at the strait gate:
for wide is the gate, and broad is the way,
that leadeth to destruction.
And many there be which go in thereat.

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