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Chapter 9: Ecstasy Is Freedom, Ecstasy Is Rebellion

Il. 103. Naco re mero man, matta hoy

Dance, my heart! Dance today with joy.
The strains of love
fill the days and the nights with music,
and the world is listening to its melodies.
Mad with joy, life and death
dance to the rhythm of this music.
The hills and the sea and the earth dance.
The world of man dances in laughter and tears.
Why put on the robe of the monk,
and live aloof from the world in lonely pride?
Behold! My heart dances in the delight of a hundred arts;
and the creator is well pleased.

I. 105. Man mast hua tab kyon bole

Where is the need of words,
when love has made drunken the heart?
I have wrapped the diamond in my cloak;
why open it again and again?
When its load was light,
the pan of the balance went up:
now it is full, where is the need for weighing?
The swan has taken its flight
to the lake beyond the mountains;
why should it search
for the pools and ditches anymore?
Your lord dwells within you;
why need your outward eyes be opened?
Kabir says: “Listen, my brother!
My lord, who ravishes my eyes,
has united himself with me.”

Ecstasy is a language that man has completely forgotten. He has been forced to forget it, he has been compelled to forget it. The society is against it, civilization is against it. The society has a tremendous investment in misery - it depends on misery, it feeds on misery, it survives on misery. The society is not for human beings. The society is using human beings for its own means. The society has become more important than humanity. Culture, civilization, the church - they all have become more important. They were meant to be for man, but now they are not for man. They have almost reversed the whole process. Now man exists for them.

Every child is born ecstatic. Ecstasy is natural. It is not something that happens only to great sages. It is something that everybody brings with him into the world; everybody comes with it. It is life’s innermost core. It is part of being alive. Life is ecstasy. Every child brings it into the world, but then the society jumps on the child, starts destroying the possibility of ecstasy, starts making the child miserable, starts conditioning the child.

The society is neurotic, and it cannot allow ecstatic people to be here. They are dangerous for it. Try to understand the mechanism; then things will be easier.

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