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Chapter 27: There Is Nothing to Do

The father of modern western philosophy was Rene Descartes. His whole philosophy was based on three words: Cogito ergo sum, I think, therefore I am. If this is the mind, “I think, therefore I am” - and it is - then when thoughts stop, you are not. One simply looks crazy, as if in an insane world, because what is happening is beyond control. You cannot even think, which was always so easy. In fact it was difficult to stop thinking.

But when it does stop, fear takes over. It is bound to happen the first time. The next time it will be easier. Don’t try to do anything when it happens again. Just remain in it.


Participants in the Vipassana group are present tonight. Osho begins with the facilitator.

Come here! Do you have something to say about the group, about your people?

It was fantastically steady, Osho. I seemed to find it extraordinarily easy. I have done groups like this before with Buddhists who have been meditating a long time, and they were so much more restless, and fidgety. I don’t understand it at all!

I am here! (laughing) Everything has been good. Buddhist monks have made something ugly out of it. No meditation should be a strain, because then it isn’t going to help. It should be a play.

You said something about it being like a lizard basking in the sun, and because I’d always found it very very voluptuous, I felt guilty about it. It is such a pleasant meditation.

Old religions depend on guilt, and they create it. Once they have created guilt in you, you are caught, and then you need their help. First they make you ill, so then you need their help.

But this is my whole point - that you are to learn how to be happy, how to be more playful. You are to learn how to be more ecstatic, and ecstatic in very ordinary ways. Life should be absolutely ordinary, and silent, and playful. All pressure should be removed from life so that the fountain flows freely.

We will create a totally different thing out of Vipassana. So many people want to go into it, so we can have another group.

Has anybody else from the group something to say?


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