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Chapter 6: The Irrational Rationalist

Now scientists say the universe is expanding. Into what? Because when we say “the universe,” we include everything that is. When we say “universe” we mean the whole, the total. Now you say the universe is expanding. Into what? There cannot be anything outside the universe. We have included, by the very definition of the word universe, that all is in it. So nothing is outside it. Into what is the universe expanding? Even if you say “into nothingness,” then the nothingness is outside the universe. Then the nothingness is very real into which the universe can expand. Then the nothingness is not just nothingness. Then you have not decided rightly what the universe is.

This concept of an expanding universe is crazy, but that is what mystics have been saying down the ages. Hindus have chosen the word Brahman; Brahman means “that which goes on expanding.”

Now, Abraham Kovoor says that he believes only in something which is proved objectively. God is not proved objectively. What is proved objectively? The electron is proved? The neutron is proved? The proton is proved? What is proved objectively? Nobody has yet seen electrons, nobody has yet seen neutrons, nobody has yet seen protons, but the scientists say they are. If nobody has seen them, nobody has looked at them, nobody has observed them as objects, then why do you say they are? Scientists say, “Because we can see the effect. We cannot see them, but we can see their effect.” The same say the mystics: “God is not observed objectively, but we can see the effect.”

Can’t you see the universe running so intelligently? Can’t you see tremendous intelligence permeating the whole?

And it is not only the mystics who say the universe is full of intelligence. Just the other day I was reading and I came across one of Albert Einstein’s quotes. He says, “The scientist’s religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of the natural law which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”

“Intelligence of such superiority”! And this is not Jakob Bohme, Ramakrishna, or Rajneesh. This is Albert Einstein saying so. Intelligence of such superiority that human intelligence is reduced to utterly insignificant status! The world is running in such a deep harmony; that harmony shows that there is a unity in it, that it is not a dead universe, that it is not a “stupid” universe, that it is intelligent.

Physics has become metaphysics again. Physicists even talk about atoms having free will. Albert Einstein has said that no event can be postulated without the presence of a witnessing observer. And Eddington says: “Religion first became possible for a reasonable scientific man about the year 1927.” But Dr. Kovoor seems to have not lived since then! Eddington also says: “We begin to suspect that the stuff of the world is mind-stuff. The universe looks more like a thought than like a thing.” And that is what I mean when I say that there is intelligence, great intelligence in existence or God. Recently a new branch of science, molecular biology, has conclusively proved that the “matter” of organic life, our very flesh, really is mind-stuff. Eddington, Jeans, Einstein, Schrodinger all agree in this. But the problem with the learned Dr. Kovoor is that he goes on fighting against out-of-date religion with the aid of his out-of-date, so-called science!

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