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Chapter 2: Towards the Birth of a New Man

Along with thinking will come a revolution at all levels and in all relationships, and then neither the politicians nor the boundaries of nations can survive. No wall keeping apart man from man can survive. So capitalist politicians as well as communist politicians, both are afraid of thinking. It is for protection against this fear that the present education system is devised the way it is. This so-called education is a part of a big conspiracy which has been continuing for hundreds of years. Earlier the priests were dominating it, now the politicians are dominating.

In the absence of thinking, a powerful individual cannot be created because the very foundation for creating the individuality is missing. What is the foundation-stone of individuality? Is it not the capacity for independent thinking? But this capacity gets destroyed before its birth. The Gita is taught, the Koran is taught, the Bible is taught, Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto are taught, and thinking in accordance to their structure is taught. What can be more false than this type of thinking? Blind repetitiveness is taught and this they call thinking.

Where there is a given base, a structure, belief or faith, thinking is impossible. For thinking, mind must be free of all structures. If education gives preconceived structures to the mind, it is not proper. Education should provide such alertness and cautiousness that the mind does not get set in preconceived structures. Education should provide such an understanding that the mind does not become a slave to conditionings and also so that independent thinking ability can arise. If proper attention is given, this can definitely be done. Seeds for independent thinking are already there in every person. In the proper climate these seeds can sprout.

Who does not love freedom? Who does not desire his own independent thinking and intelligence? But where the whole educational system is devised for enslaving man rather than securing his freedom, the situation is different. In that case it is a real wonder that a few individuals are able to save themselves from being machines in spite of having passed through that educational structure meant for slavery. There is no greater achievement than that of saving one’s individuality even after passing through such educational structures.

Universities have attained to peaks in their efficiency in destroying the original geniuses. More emphasis is laid on discipline, only to take away the freedom of man. The lack of intelligence is being made up by discipline. If there is intelligence, discipline is born by itself in the life of a person. It is not necessary to learn discipline, it comes of its own accord.

But where intelligence is not encouraged, one has to depend on the imposed discipline. Such discipline is bound to be false because it is not arising from within one’s own self and because its roots are not there in one’s own intelligence. The conscience of the individual is always smoldering from within in opposition to imposed discipline. As a reaction to such a discipline, licentiousness is born. Licentiousness is always a reaction to slavery. It is the unavoidable echo of slavery.

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