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Chapter 27: The Future Religio

I know that the real awakened ones will have the courage to see that what they could not dare, I have dared. Somebody has to do it, to make awareness all-inclusive - not a partial thing but a totality - so that the whole man can grow as an organic unity without crippling any of his parts. But it is certainly a dangerous thing. It will go against all their teachings, because they were all trying to cut this, cut that. They were giving a certain ideal to man.

And my effort is to show that to make man according to an ideal is to make him phony. Man has to grow without any ideal, without any discipline. His only religion should be awareness, and wherever that awareness leads him he should go without fear, whatever the consequences. That’s the way I have lived, and I have no regret.

But perhaps those people may not be able to understand it - but I can understand even their not understanding it. I will still praise them for whatever beautiful things they have brought into the world - but I cannot lie to the future of humanity about things that they have crippled. I want the whole man to grow into a spiritual being.