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Chapter 7: An Explosion of Insight

It was evening, and the whole capital had gathered there, and people were standing there in utter silence. There was such great excitement: “What is going to happen?” Finally, the king dropped at the feet of the beggar and said, “Sir, excuse me. It was wrong of me to pretend that I have anything. I have nothing to fill your begging-bowl. Just one thing - what is the secret of this begging bowl? Just tell me one thing. I am defeated, you are victorious - before you leave me, just fulfill my curiosity. How has this begging-bowl been made, of what?”

And the beggar laughed. And the beggar said, “Don’t you remember me at all? Have you forgotten me completely? Look into my eyes! I am your old master. And this is what I was teaching you in the past life too, but you didn’t listen. This begging-bowl has no magic! It is simply made out of the human heart. There is no secret in it; this is how the human heart is.”

The mysterious begging-bowl. Go on throwing things into it - you go on throwing worlds into it, and they dematerialize and they disappear. And one is never satisfied, never never.

Have you ever seen a man who is satisfied? If you have ever seen a man who is satisfied, then that will be the man who has accepted his nothingness. That’s what we mean by a buddha. That’s what we mean by enlightenment - whose emptiness has become luminous, full of light. He knows, “It is me, it is my being. This non-being is my being.” And he has accepted it. And now there is no effort to destroy it, no effort to fill it. It is beautiful as it is.

This understanding transforms life. Otherwise we go on rushing. Go into one desire: what is the mechanism of the desire? When you go into a desire, great excitement comes into your being, great thrill, adventure. You feel a great kick. Something is going to happen, you are on the verge of it. You will be having this big house, this big garden, this beautiful woman, this yacht, this car - you are going to have this, and there is great excitement. And then you have the car, and you have the yacht, and you have the house, and you have the woman.then suddenly all becomes meaningless again.

What happens? Your heart has dematerialized it. The car is standing in the porch, and suddenly there is no excitement any more. The excitement was only in getting it, because in getting it you became absorbed. You became absorbed, you forgot your nothingness. You became absorbed so much that your mind became overpowered by the desire. You became so drunk with the desire that you forgot your inner nothingness. Now, the desire fulfilled, the car in the porch, the woman in your bed, the money in your bank-balance - again, excitement disappears. Again the emptiness is there, yawning within you, ready to eat you up.

Again you have to create another desire, to escape from this yawning abyss, from this death that is waiting for you there. It can swallow you in a single moment - if you don’t cling to something, it will swallow you. So you start again. You start thinking of other houses, of other women, of other places, of other towns.. That’s how, from one desire to another desire, one goes on moving. That’s how one remains a beggar. From one desire to another desire, one goes knocking on a thousand and one doors. And nothing ever is fulfilled.

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