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Chapter 10: All Problems Are Unreal

When a disciple and master are together, if the disciple is ready to be lost.. Because the master is that who is lost already, who is an emptiness. If the disciple is also ready to float with the emptiness of the master - with no demand, with no desire, because they won’t allow you to disappear; with no doubt, no uncertainty - if the disciple is ready to become part of this emptiness, the emptiness surrounds both. It becomes encompassing. In the cloud of that emptiness both are lost: that is the meeting between being to being. It is a meeting, in a sense, the greatest meeting; it is not a meeting at all because there are not two to meet.

It looks contradictory that one time I say you are totally alone, another time I say there is a possibility to meet. When will that possibility open? When you are not trying to meet the other, only then. If you are trying to meet the other being to being, the very effort will spoil the whole thing - because who will make the effort? If you are making the effort to meet somebody being to being, to dissolve, the very effort to dissolve will be the barrier; the very effort to meet, the desire to meet, will create the discordance.

That’s why I say you are absolutely alone. Don’t try to meet the other. Just be totally alone, and if the other is also totally alone there will be a meeting - not that you prepared for it, not that you made any effort, not that you manipulated it. It is so vast you cannot manipulate it. It is so great you cannot catch hold of it. You can only allow it to catch hold of you. You can only allow it to possess you.

God cannot be searched for. You can only allow God to possess you. You can only allow him to seek and search for you. Love or God are very great phenomena. You are very small. If you try you will fail, in your very effort is the failure. Don’t try.

Just be crystal clear in your aloneness, pure in your aloneness, silent, settled, rooted, centered. Suddenly something jumps in you and you are there no more. The bridge has disappeared; the ego is there no more. For the first time, it always takes you unawares. When the master jumps into the disciple, or the lover into the beloved, or the beloved into the friend - whenever this happens you are taken unawares. It is always a surprise. You cannot believe it, that it has happened. It is the most unbelievable, the most impossible thing, but it happens.

The third question:

If life is a blissful cosmic play, then why are all beings suffering?

You, please, forget about all beings. You don’t know. I’m not suffering. You may be suffering; don’t talk about all beings. You don’t even know yourself. How can you know the other? Just talk about yourself, because things are already much too complicated. When you start talking about all, you will make it almost impossible for yourself to understand the thing. Just you will do. Say only this: “Why am I suffering? If life is a blissful cosmic play, then why am I suffering?” - only this much will do. Forget about all beings - that is none of your business. If they want to suffer let them suffer. You, please, decide only for yourself. Even that is too much, not easy.

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