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Chapter 14: Say It with Your Totality

I have never learned anything about oratory - there is no need. What you need is some authentic experience, and then it starts finding its own ways. And I have been speaking to millions of people, just talking to them heart to heart. I myself don’t know what is going to be my next statement. I don’t know what my hands are doing, what gestures are coming; I don’t know what my eyes are doing.

I simply know one thing, that when I am saying something, I am saying it with my body, with my mind, with my soul - with my everything put at stake. And when you have something to say, it finds its own way.

Of course you will never be able to say the truth, but by saying it you may be able to approach peoples’ hearts. You may trigger some pilgrimage in them - and that is more than one can expect.

So go on saying it; go on making the effort, knowing perfectly well there is no way to say it.

For centuries people have understood this, and yet they went on saying it, because they became aware that between the words, between the lines, something goes on transpiring - and that is the real thing.