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Chapter 8: The Call of Your Own Interiority

I feel very worried seeing your state of health. You have been pouring out your soul as you reach out to the world, but instead of changing, people wanted to destroy you. Why do you still make such an effort?

The body is bound to be destroyed. If it is destroyed on the path of love, there is no greater blessing. The body is bound to become tired and tattered, but if through it, I am able to give birth to rays of bliss in some people’s lives, it is a blessing. It makes no difference whether, upon hearing me, people change or not. Along with the experience of truth, comes compassion as its shadow saying, “Whether someone is going to change or not, at least give the call. Let no blame rest with you - that you did not give the call. Let no one be able to say that you remained silent.”

I no longer need the body. My journey has come to a completion - and since a long time. I have known what there is to be known, I have attained what there is to be attained: now there is nothing beyond that. During the days that are left before this body takes leave on its own accord, if in the lives of even a few people some lamps can be lit, if in the lives of even a few people some smile can spread. And in a certain number of people’s lives the lamps have begun to light up, the smile has begun to spread, and the dancing bells on some people’s feet, and the flute at some people’s lips. Those who want to destroy me are unnecessarily feeling disturbed. I will leave by myself - who lives forever?

But the efforts of those who want to destroy me are perhaps part of the laws of nature and destiny. As an effort to destroy me grows, with that same intensity the inner beings of some people will awaken. If I create ten enemies, one friend will also be born. And I count friends - what is the need to be bothered with enemies?

And I have made enough friends in this world. Perhaps it has never happened before - because Buddha’s ceaseless effort was confined to the state of Bihar, Jesus’ to Judea. Socrates never even ventured out of the city of Athens. But I have given the call to the whole world. Thousands of people have heard that call. Tens of millions of enemies have been created, but I keep no count of enemies; I am keeping a count of my friends. And as the number of enemies has grown, in that same proportion the strength of friends, the courage of friends has also grown. Their determination to transform has strengthened. And seeing that so many people are willing to destroy me, many people have become willing to be destroyed for me. So there is no need to worry.

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