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Chapter 5: On the Qualities of the Taoist

When the highest type of men hear the Tao (truth),
They try hard to live in accordance with it.

They hear, they understand, then they try hard to live in accordance with it. They have looked through the window of the master and they have become certain that now it is an absolute fact; it is not a philosophy, not a metaphysics. It is existential. They have felt it, they have known it, but they will have to go a long way so that the same perception becomes their own. They have heard truth, they have understood it, but they will have to move a long way so that the truth becomes their being.

The highest type tries hard to live in accordance with it ( not that by living in accordance with it and trying hard one achieves it, no. Just by trying hard nobody achieves it, but by trying hard, by and by one comes to feel that the effort itself in the final stages of the transformation is a barrier. By trying hard one comes to know that even trying hard is a barrier, and one drops it. Because when you are trying hard to live in accordance with Tao, that life cannot be a spontaneous life; it can be only a forced phenomenon, a discipline, not a freedom. It will become like a bondage. By trying hard no one can achieve that which is already there, but by trying hard one achieves the understanding that even effort is a barrier, a very subtle barrier, because all efforts are of the ego. Even the desire to achieve truth comes from the ego. One drops that too.

But remember, one can drop effort only when one has made the effort to its utmost. You cannot say: “If that is the case then I should drop the effort from the very beginning. Why make it?” You will miss the whole point. That’s what is happening to those who have been listening to Krishnamurti. He says ( and whatsoever he is saying is perfectly true ( that no effort is needed. It is right, but it is right only for those who have been making a very great effort with their total being. It is true only for those ( they can drop it.

To become artlessly artful is not possible for those who have not moved through any discipline. Finally an artist has to become completely oblivious of his art, he should forget whatsoever he has learned. But you can forget only that which you have learned. If an artist remains an effortful artist, then his art is not perfect.

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