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Chapter 8: Realize the Fruits

At first mind will make effort to seek channels to flow along, because that is its nature. But if you persist and remain aware and you say, “I will not allow any flow at all, I will stick to only one point, I will not move from it this way or that” - and if you continue your insistence, not letting the mind move in any direction whatsoever, then the second way for the mind is that it will drop, because concentration is simply not possible for the mind.

You will probably find it strange to know that mind simply cannot concentrate. This is why you are asked to concentrate, because if you do become concentrated your mind will cease. It is impossible for the mind to concentrate. When you are concentrated there is no mind. As long as there is mind, you are not concentrated.

Concentration means stoppage, cessation of all flow, end of all time, disappearance of all movement.

If you incessantly continue your efforts to concentrate and remain aware and watchful that mind is not searching for a trick that may trigger the flow, a moment comes when, because of the effort to concentrate, the mind ceases. Because of the effort to concentrate, the mind does not concentrate but ceases; it quiets down, it disappears. When you do not listen and remain engaged in the efforts to concentrate it, the mind drops.

Cessation of the mind is in becoming concentrated. So when we say, “Concentrate the mind,” we are saying an incorrect thing. This is why I said that Buddha and Mahavira are saying ‘almost false’ things. They have to. When we say, “Concentrate the mind,” we are giving an incorrect statement because mind cannot become concentrated, and if it did the mind would no longer remain.

Concentration and mind are opposite phenomena. In the effort for the opposite, the mind dies. But it is a very difficult thing.difficult because it is necessary to understand concentration. Concentration means not allowing the flow to be born. Thinking is a flow, meditation is stoppage of the flow. A river is flowing. If it freezes into ice so that all flow stops, there is no movement. Similarly, if the mind stops so that all flow ceases, it freezes like ice, then that very moment there is no mind, the mind has disappeared - and what remains then is the consciousness.

This sutra says:

The root of this division is mind. If there is no mind, there is no division. Therefore, concentrate your mind on the universal consciousness which is your interiority.

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