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Chapter 13: Truth Is Found in Your Own Boutique

I have heard that Mulla Nasruddin found a mirror on the street. He looked into it and said, “My God! I never thought that my father had gone to a photographer; that old man, I never thought he was so fashionable. But it is good that although he is dead, at least I have got his photograph.” He came home, fearing that his wife..

Just the way wives are, husbands are; the husband hates not only the wife but all the relatives of the wife. Strange, those relatives have done nothing - or perhaps they have, because if the father and the mother had not been there in the world, at least this wife would not have been produced. And the wives hate all the relatives of their husbands. Their hatred is so much that only to focus it on the husband is not sufficient; it spills all over.

Afraid that if his wife found the photograph she would burn it immediately, Nasruddin went upstairs in the attic and somewhere managed to hide the photograph - which was not a photograph at all, just a mirror. But you cannot hide anything from your wife. That has not been possible since there have been husbands and wives. You cannot hide. His wife was doing her work, but seeing from the corner of her eye that he has brought something, is hiding it in the attic - “I will take a look at it. Let him first do his thing.”

Nasruddin came down. As he came down he passed his wife; she was going up. He said, “Where are you going?”

She said, “The same place from where you are coming.”

The wife went up and found the mirror. She looked into it and said, “My God! So this is the woman he is after. In his old age, the father of two dozen children - but I will teach him a lesson. And he is hiding her photograph in my house.

Without a mirror you can’t see your face.

The politician has remained dirty, ugly, for the simple reason that he has no mirror. And the mirror is possible only from a higher consciousness. It has to be a mirror of consciousness, no ordinary mirror will do. It is not his physical face which he will see - it is his corrupted soul.

When the true religion comes of age, religion, without any effort on anybody’s part, will become the light of everybody: of the teacher in the schools, in the colleges, in the universities; of the state, of hospitals. A true religion is bound to overwhelm all values of life.

My effort here is to create an unorganized religion.

Hence, I call it religionless religion to emphasize the fact that it is not an organized religion; that I am not your leader, your messiah, your prophet; that I do not bring to you the word of God; that I am not in any way special.

These are the ways of the old pseudo-religions.

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