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Chapter 10: 'The Death of Religion: A Great Historical Event

The little book which you ordered to be burned today contains almost nothing else but quotes of you, which you use in quite similar form in your other books. Does that mean that you will burn all your books one day?

No, those are simply books and this was Sheela’s effort to make a holy book. We have burned a holy book.

Bill Harlem,

Denver Post Colorado

This morning you mentioned several requests from local people for peace offerings from you. I believe you mentioned a Methodist that wanted a Rolls Royce. You said that these people be offering peace offerings. Could you be more specific, what would you consider a peace offering from the local community?

Just a rose flower will do. But they are not even that generous!

Sannyasin told me at the burning this evening, I asked him what the deep meaning of this ceremony was, and he said, “Well, it’s all a big joke.”

That’s right! That is right because I consider sense of humor as one of the most important religious qualities.

Thank you, Osho.